Christmas in Bojana


The village of Bojana is only three kilometres away from Grabovnica, the famous estate belonging to the Salaj family and about five kilometres from Čazma. There, in Bojana a fine art painter Franjo Matešin, who has been creating a wonderful story of tradition, old customs and art, lives with his family.
Twelve years ago Franjo Matešin opened a studio and a gallery in his native village of Bojana. Driven not only by the wish to stir up the small village and give it a touch of culture, but also by the urge to provide a creative and delightful childhood to his children, Franjo came up with the idea to build a place that will bring tradition to life and glorify art in all its forms. In 2008 the gallery opened its permanent collection, and later that year an amphitheatre, designed by Matešin right next to the gallery.
Within the gallery and the amphitheatre exhibitions of other authors, concerts and theatre plays, films, promotions, meetings and other cultural and social events take place. The Matešin estate has become a cultural oasis in Moslavina.

Christmas in Bojana, that's become traditional since 2007, is one of the central annual events. Christmas in Bojana originated from the desire to show the traditional Christmas customs in Moslavina. Only a few kilometres away from the Salaj estate illuminated by 1,500,000 Christmas lights, in Bojana you will find a different story illuminated only by the 1000 lanterns in a magical park. A path through the park will lead you to the amphitheatre in whose centre a fire is lit to keep you warm while you might sing Christmas Carrols in this wonderfully acoustic atmosphere.
Next to the amphitheatre there is a traditional room display furnished to illustrate life in the old times.
On your way to the gallery be sure to walk by the manger which was put up by Lidija and Franjo Matešin's children and their local friends.
At the end of your tour you can sit by the fireplace and have a cup of hot tea in the company of the Matešin family and buy some of their home grown organic food. Don't forget to see the permanent collection in the gallery which is exceptional.
This modest and extraordinary yet warm family story is exactly what makes it unique and worthy of admiration. If you plan to visit the Salaj estate, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Matešić family and leave Moslavina with your hearts full of peace and joy that abound in this place.



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