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Daruvarske toplice - A spa resort of a thousand year long tradition of health tourism


Back at the time of the Roman Empire, at the site of today's Daruvar spa there used to be Roman thermae (since 2nd century A.D.) that the Romans called Aquae Balissae, i.e. powerful springs. The thermae consisted of hot, warm and cold baths, massage parlours and sauna. It is traditionally believed that the Roman emperors Hadrian, Comodus and Constantin the Great visited this spa.

The Plitvice Lakes: The Black Queen Legend


The Plitvice Lakes are one of the most famous and most beautiful Croatian symbols: what Dubrovnik represents for cultural heritage, the Plitvice Lakes represent for the natural heritage . They are a natural phenomenon that, as the older generations believe did not originate in an entirely 'natural' way.