About Us

Travel and Tourist Agency Fantasia Travel is a project that has been „simmering“ for a long time, undergoing a thrilling process of consideration of how to bring it to life, how to improve it and build on the original idea. It grew from the wish to enrich tourist offer, in particular destination tourism, by an innovative, non-standard approach and to offer a new and unusual product

Beyond doubt, Croatia is a country of great natural, geographical, cultural and other beauties. Unfortunately many of them still lie quite hidden , though they could stand shoulder to shoulder with most destinations that have acquired the status of being „main tourist attractions“. Our goal is to bring to your attention these places, tell you stories about them, encourage you to love them and to keep returning to them. These small places and ordinary people who, with their charm, peculiarities and efforts deserve to be discovered, will make the focal point of our offer.

In order to accomplish this, we also need you - travelers, adventurers, holiday lovers, hedonists, art and culture lovers, nature explorers and everybody else eager to discover natural, historical and cultural treasures. People who wish to improve the quality of life; who understand the importance of highly professional individuals; who do not search for the cheapest offer only; who will appreciate quality in service, effort and inovative approach. Yes, there is a lot of reference to quality in these lines because that is our mission: high quality travel that will make your happiness cells vibrate enthusiastically .

Inovation, not only quality, is another criteria we want to build upon in our business activities. Therefore, right from the beginning, our offer and business activities are based on Internet tools. Though we love the traditions of our country, all that old retro stuff and holidays far away from the urban rush, we are aware of the fact that we spend most of our time in the online environment (until we escape into the nature). That is why we are one of the first travel agencies in Croatia which enables you to go through the entire process, from selecting a destination, to booking and purchasing the package online, i.e. on our website… Always feel free to contact us about any questions, doubts or problems you might come upon. We will do anything in our power to respond quickly and accurately or to resolve the problem to mutual satisfaction (though always to your advantage).

You are our vision: content travelers, who will find their "fantasy world tour" and secure it in just a few clicks.

The process is easy, fast and safe - it is your turn now to start it.

ID code: HR-AB-51040326158
Seat: Pulac 12/1, HR-51000 Rijeka
The company is registered at Commercial Court in Rijeka, No. 040326158
Registration number: 4209699
OIB/TIN: 43015613341
CEO and founder: Gordana Kramarić

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